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  • Construction of the JVAT employee cafeteria

13 Mar. 2014Construction of the JVAT employee cafeteria

To increase productivity at farms, it is essential to improve the eating habits of employees.

A wonderful cafeteria was recently constructed inside the JVAT Farm in consideration of employee health.

To construct this cafeteria—which is equipped with a hygienic, high-performance kitchen—the president personally provided design guidance and the Japanese staff served as onsite overseers.

A young chef from a five-star restaurant in Dalat has been hired as the head chef. In addition to vegetables, high-quality meals featuring ample amounts of meat and fish will be served to the staff.

(The cost of each meal is twice that of the food served at the cafeterias of other companies in the industry, but employees can purchase them by paying just one tenth of the price.)

Communication will grow livelier as employees enjoy delicious lunches together, which will lead to improved solidarity.

The cafeteria will also be utilized as a space of interaction and relaxation, including staff get-togethers and for visitors to the farm.

In the future, we hope to continue initiatives of this type that give concrete form to “Benefits for Three Parties,” our Management Philosophy that aims to bring happiness to all persons involved with OceanTrading.