Fresh Produce

Serving as a bridge to safe,
delicious vegetables

Today, even vegetables that were unfamiliar in the past have come to make frequent appearances on dining tables.

This is also the era in which people are concerned about food safety. We place importance on delicious flavor as well, so we make great efforts each day to create relationships with trustworthy producers; construct production areas; and cultivate new, favorable production areas.

Our imported bell peppers—a main product of the Fresh Produce Group—are one initiative to this end.

As we have expanded production in South Korea, we made efforts to provide guidance to local producers from an early stage. We have also managed the usage of agricultural chemicals and pesticide residues in a thorough manner according to Japanese standards. Our local production partner is a dedicated company with an extraordinary passion for bell peppers. We feel the same way, and we serve in the role of selling these heartfelt products each day as a way of conveying this company’s passionate feelings.

Another effort is our project to deliver delicious Vietnamese vegetables to Japan, which is currently in progress. JVAT, the local subsidiary we founded in Vietnam, has begun an in-house production business featuring collaboration between the company’s own farm and nearbyfarmers. Based on the concept of raising suitable crops in suitable locations, JVAT is also working to grow produce with fewer agricultural chemicals to maximize the true deliciousness of its products.

During production it is essential to improve the technical skill level of local staff members, such as by permanently stationing Japanese employees with cutting-edge agricultural skills to provide guidance. At the same time, these efforts are also rooted in our desire to contribute to regional communities by creating local jobs and transferring skills.

Rather than just importing and selling the finished products, we work to cultivate production areas and create products together with local producers. Our mission is to deliver these safe, delicious vegetables—which embody the passion of their producers—to Japanese consumers.

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