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  • OceanTrading’s three axes : Exports to Europe and North America

OceanTrading’s three axes

  • Sales in Japan
  • Sales in Southeast Asia
  • Exports to Europe and North America

Exports to Europe and North America

—We don’t just export fish; we share the culture of eating fish—

We export products to regions other than Southeast Asia (including the United States and Europe) from our Japanese bases. Our main exports from Japan include buri (amberjack) and madai (sea bream), which are beloved throughout the world due to the increasing popularity of sushi. Buri only lives in Japan’s coastal waters, and is enjoyed by men and women of all ages in many different regions due to its pleasant fattiness and resilient texture.

We have long produced both buri and madai for consumption as sashimi and sushi, so we have an excellent pre- and post-harvest freshness management system.

In addition, we also export sushi-related foodstuffs to fulfill the sushi needs that are growing in recent years. We are very happy that this traditional part of the Japanese diet has become popular across the world, but unfortunately it is not always the case that Japanese ingredients are being used.

Rice vinegar, soy sauce, miso, sake, and other products are fermented foods just like wine and cheese. Their flavors depend on the water and beneficial bacteria where they are made, fermentation methods, and traditions lasting several hundred years. We also hope that people will experience the taste of traditional nori (seaweed), wasabi, and pickled ginger that was developed by the artisans of the Edo Period.

In particular, we ensure that all products exported to Europe are 100% free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), by which we offer an original lineup of delicious, safe products.