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  • OceanTrading’s three axes : Sales in Japan

OceanTrading’s three axes

  • Sales in Japan
  • Sales in Southeast Asia
  • Exports to Europe and North America

Sales in Japan

―Our home ground―

Our core business is importing marine products, fresh produce, cut flowers, seedlings and other fresh products to Japan—a business we have been involved in for the 41 years since the company’s establishment. We continue offering new products of the quality that Japan requires, and that conform to Japanese standards, from countries across the world to roughly 130 million Japanese consumers.

Our strengths include developing products tailored to the Japanese market by working closely with producers, and also being able to fully convey product information to Japanese consumers using our sales network that covers the entire country.

There are many wonderful products throughout the world, but because they are not offered in a way aligned with the Japanese market, they do not even make it to the market. At OceanTrading, we do not just sell existing products; we engage in improvement and development together with our producers. For that reason, we believe we can bring joy to Japanese people and overseas producers alike, which is why we have been able to continue our business for a very long time. In addition, it is difficult for producers to convey the good qualities of products made in overseas countries to distant customers by themselves. We share as much product information as possible with end users, by which we make efforts for sales promotion in a way that teaches the positive features of these products.

We look forward to working together with our producers to offer appealing products to the Japanese market.